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Adaptable to Change and
Prepared for the Future

Corea Electronic Corp. (CEC)

Adaptable to Change and
Prepared for the Future

Corea Electronic Corp. (CEC)

Adaptable to Change and
Prepared for the Future

Corea Electronic Corp. (CEC)


Here is a list of outstanding products where CEC's unique technology is applied.

Element Parts

These are the core parts installed in diverse thermal management systems of automobiles, ships, railroads, showers, and home heating. This group of parts helps maintain the desired temperature by detecting water temperature and activating valves according to the set temperature.

Battery Temp. Sensor & Thermistor Parts

It is a sensor that prevents short circuits and/or explosions caused by overheated batteries in an EV; due to the temperature changes in the lithium ion cells, EV batteries can be overheated. It also maintains the constant temperature of BMS by sensing the battery temperature. With a built-in NTC thermistor, this sensor makes it possible to measure the temperature of the cells and convert it into a resistance value.

Plastic&Switch Parts

This is a tank that stores automobile brake oil. The tank senses the oil level and operates the switch to turn on a warning lamp when the brake oil is insufficient.

Housing Parts

We provide a range of parts for heating systems used in flats/apartments or houses. These parts are designed to achieve uniform heating in all different rooms by optimizing the flow of heating water. Such a technical improvement has been made based on its accumulated development/production knowhow of distributors and success stories in Japanese market for 20 years.


CEC, a Company Creating New Values

  • Quality Policy

    Quality Management for Customer Satisfaction
    Automated Quality Control
    World-class Quality Control

  • Environmental Policy

    Resource Recycling
    Waste Minimization
    Pleasant Work Environment

  • Management Policy

    Efficient Growth
    Business Diversification
    Development into a World-class Company

  • Customer Satisfaction

    Customer Satisfaction Management
    Customer-centric Thinking
    Prioritizing Customer Complaints

CEC spares no effort to become a company that expertly meets the industrial needs for parts and components, especially from the automotive, new material, and construction fields, and thereby contributes to society.

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