Business Area


For the automobile business field, CEC manufactures the core parts of the engines for major domestic transportation such as automobiles, urban railways, and large ships. We also produce sensors for a range of engines and supply them to global top-tier automakers. In the case of the CEC's patented BAK thermostat, its technical prowess was recognized once again by signing a license-out agreement with a Japanese automobile company.

New Material

For the new material business field, CEC develops and produces NTC and PTC thermistors for the major next-generation electric vehicle (EV) battery manufacturers such as LG Chem. CEC is emerging as a global-leading supplier in this field based on its accumulated technical knowhow and confidence.

Heating Energy

Based on its proven heating technology that has been exported to Japan for 20 years, CEC has developed and commercialized the heating distributors as well as automatic proportional control valves that help overcome the heating imbalances and save on heating costs. The CEC's quality products for this area of business are expected to successfully tap both the domestic/overseas markets as they are not only eco-friendly but also easy to install.